Our Pledge To You

De Ruiter Vegetable Seed’s story begins with our Dutch heritage. The Netherlands has served as the perfect canvas for leading minds in seed science since the 1500s. These pioneers knew seed could grow more than a vegetable: seed could create a masterpiece. Our journey continues today with a distinctive lineup that appreciates the artfulness of growing in protected culture environments.

Moving forward, we must balance this history of constant innovation with the future needs of our growers and consumers. We will approach our products with a mix of creativity and unique technology. Our employees will ensure De Ruiter’s remarkable customer service is brought to life in all we do.

Great businesses are built on more than smart cross-pollination; they’re built on true relationships. Breeding the best products is a good beginning, but breeding close relationships and the day-to-day customer interactions are the keys to our long-term success.

What does it take to grow a De Ruiter seed? Focus, attention to detail, collaboration and trust. Because when we’re fully invested in our growers, something extraordinary happens. Their success starts to feel like ours and we share in the pride of carefully crafted vegetables, delivered to market.

Our products generate interest. Our relationships generate loyalty. And our seeds inspire our customers to grow their passion. This focus is at the core of De Ruiter. It’s our backbone and our mission. We’ve perfected the art of seed science.   

Our Commitment to Research and Development

De Ruiter leads the industry in providing horticulture solutions, plant breeding, precision planting and crop biochemical analysis, which not only increases profit potential for our customers, it also helps improve people’s lives.

Your feedback drives our innovation. That’s why our R&D efforts focus on helping growers increase yield potential by solving problems with pests, weather and weeds — all while improving the nutritional value and taste of the vegetables you grow.

Generations of Experience

Present Day

De Ruiter continues to be inspired by the art and science of innovation. Through industry-leading breeding programs, extensive investment in R&D, and deep appreciation for the artfulness of growing in protected culture environments, De Ruiter teams are constantly working to improve product performance. De Ruiter remains committed to continually collaborating with customers to grow their next masterpiece.


De Ruiter Seeds segments its products to better deliver crop-specific expertise. De Ruiter products are now marketed through a network of our own team of seed experts, who provide personalized service to growers, dealers and plant raisers.


De Ruiter Seeds becomes part of Monsanto. Bringing together Monsanto’s expertise in breeding and agriculture technology with De Ruiter’s exceptional gene pool and experience with protected culture growers, this partnership set up all parties — including customers — for greater success.


De Ruiter makes great achievements by advancing the development of rootstock.


De Ruiter’s product range expanded with peppers and eggplants.


De Ruiter introduces its first innovation: Sporu, a cucumber variety immune to the dreaded Spot virus. Soon afterward, the company introduces Sonato — a tomato variety resistant to the Tobacco Mosaic Virus — which turns out to be a major breakthrough in international horticultulture.


De Ruiter Seeds is founded in the village of Bleiswijk in the Netherlands on July 1. Wouter de Ruiter establishes a small company that produces seed potatoes and agricultural and horticultural seeds. He quickly expands his activities by selecting, breeding and producing seeds himself, with success.