Art Meets Science at De Ruiter™ Australia's Chisholm Glasshouse

Tour of De Ruiter glasshouse gives exclusive look at over 30 commercial and new to trial varieties

Late last year, several groups of Australian and New Zealand glasshouse tomato growers were treated to an exclusive look at the De Ruiter™ portfolio during a series of tours at the Chisholm Glasshouse in Melbourne, Australia.

The tours showcased a broad range of De Ruiter tomatoes and rootstock, with over 30 different varieties on display across a range of categories including large truss, cocktail and speciality tomatoes,  including some on trial for the first time in Australia. Growers spent time with De Ruiter Technical Specialists, Mark Dunning and Josip Balint, giving the opportunity to ask detailed questions and look at varieties suited to their unique  operations. 

In addition to variety demonstrations and tastings, growers in attendance were treated to a sensory session led by Monsanto Vegetable Seeds General Manager, Ben Hoodless.   The session focused on the impressive global research conducted by Monsanto Global Sensory Lead Dr. Chow Ming Lee, whose research into consumer taste preferences is helping inform breeding priorities in key crops, including tomatoes. 

Growers were also treated to a presentation on the new 1000 series large truss products from De Ruiter, which are currently undergoing trial to determine suitability for local conditions.


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