Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What can I expect from my De Ruiter sales representative?

A: At De Ruiter, we approach our products with a mix of art and science. Our greatest source of inspiration is you. We have deep respect for your discipline and artistry. It’s our mission to bring the same level of passion to our work as you do to yours. We match your enthusiasm for your operation and crops with dedicated, highly personalized service. Every day, we apply our deep knowledge of the current technological and agronomic landscapes to the challenges of the marketplace. Pairing you with  agronomic experts,  consultants and De Ruiter scientists. Our commitment to collaboration comes from the knowledge that while distinctive seeds grow beautiful fruit, our partnership grows success.

Q: What should I expect from a De Ruiter vegetable seed?

A: We carefully select from thousands of product ideas each year, focusing our resources on seed technologies and conventional breeding techniques to ensure your success. We only advance the very best seeds from phase to phase in our pipeline to allow you to grow masterpieces in your glasshouse and be a consistent supplier to your clients. Your feedback inspires our innovation. Our success is tied directly to our ability to listen and collaborate, backed by global knowledge and data that can be transformed into local insights.

Q: What does De Ruiter do to maximize quality in every seed?

A: We understand that not every grower can take a chance on a seed that they haven’t seen or mastered for themselves. That’s why we learn the intricacies of each operation to maximize every second in season. At De Ruiter, we have also taken great care to streamline our internal processes, elevating production standards and increasing the frequency of quality checks. In our constant quest to ensure consistency, we will spare no effort to achieve the ideal shape, color and taste, creating an art form all its own.

Q: What does De Ruiter do to ensure seed consistency?

A: Our attentiveness to quality control should give you confidence that each batch of De Ruiter seed has the potential to achieve beautiful results. Our disease prevention program, SHIELD, brings together seed sanitation, seed health testing and field inspection to best innovate and understand shifts in seed pathology. We demonstrate our commitment to disease reduction by making varieties more resistant through conventional breeding techniques so you can feel confident in managing your crop.