De Ruiter tomatoes are a product of our focused pipeline, inspired by Protected Culture growers and specifically designed to meet their needs. To learn more about the varieties available in your region, contact a local representative.

Diversity and Innovation

We offer tomatoes with intermediate resistance* to powdery mildew in early every segment.  Browse our portfolio of high-yielding tomatoes, with a wide range of colors, shapes and tastes.


Service is an art form. And science is just as important. By staying tuned in to our customers, our expert resources help Protected Culture growers address their unique challenges.

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Our team is here to help you find the information you need to make the best variety choice for your operation.

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The De Ruiter portfolio is a great place to be at the moment. It's really exciting in terms of what we're looking to bring through the pipeline in the next few months and years that will impact the grower, and even influence the consumer. We've made a very conscious decision to support our growers and the industry in terms of a focus on flavor and to bring through really great tasting tomatoes.
Anne Williams
Global Product Manager

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