De Ruiter Experience Centre

On 22nd March 2018, De Ruiter opened a brand-new, ultramodern demo glasshouse with a new name: De Ruiter Experience Centre. We welcome professionals from the tomato industry to see the range of products we have on offer, grown using the latest technology in both lit and year-round environments.

The De Ruiter Experience centre in Bleiswijk, replaces the Tomato Experience Centre in ‘s-Gravenzande which was closed in 2017. 

Demo glasshouse with lighting

De Ruiter’s assortment in the lit tomato cultivation is exceptionally large and fits well with the increase in lit greenhouses. Lights are used in over 30% of all greenhouses in the Benelux and that percentage is increasing, which is why De Ruiter’s new demo greenhouse is equipped with lit lightning, so that growers, advisors and other professionals from the sector will not only see the performances of the varieties of De Ruiter but also those of other seed suppliers under these high-tech conditions.

The new demo greenhouse was built in collaboration with our partner, located at the Narcissenweg 2 in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands. This brand-new glasshouse will occupy 8,000 square meters, of which 3,200 square meters will be for lit crops. The greenhouse also has a modern meeting centre equipped with every facility.

General information: 

  • Gutter height: 6.88m 
  • Cover: ‘normal’ 92+ glass (not diffuse), width 167,5 cm 
  • Path width: 1,60 m
  • Climate computer: Priva
  • Advanced Precision Horticulture: 28 sensors for better measurements
  • Water is treated with UV and chlorine
  • Two nutritional solutions possible 
  • CO2 via OCAP
  • Rootstock for loose, plum, truss, and beef tomatoes: Maxifort
  • Rootstock for cherry, cocktail, specialties: DR0141TX

Lit crops:

  • 3.200 m2
  • 13.000 lux Son-T
  • Additional screens to prevent of light emission
  • Sowing date: 25th of August 2020
  • Planting date: 14th of October 2020
  • Planting distance at start: 2.5 st/m2 for loose, truss and beef
  • Planting distance at start: 3.75 st/m2 for cherry and cocktail

Year-round crops:

  • 4.000 m2
  • Sowing date: 30th of October 2020
  • Planting date: 22th of December 2020
  • Planting distance at start: 2.5 st/m2 (all segments)

Narcissenweg 2
2665 NA, Bleiswijk
The Netherlands

You can visit the Tomato Experience Centre by appointment or during one of the two open days, which take place each year at the beginning of June and September.

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