5 Cultivation conditions determine success

With its broad range of rootstocks, De Ruiter is responding to the latest developments in the market.

The market is characterised by an increasing variety of cultivation methods and demands, a greater selection of available varieties, and a search for optimum cultivation systems. The choice of the appropriate rootstock is determined by a range of cultivation factors including the type of glasshouse, the variety chosen, the CO2, type of substrate, number of stems per square meter, capacity, and last but not least the grower.


The CO2 capacity impacts upon crop growth throughout the cultivation season and also affects the choice of rootstock.

Recently built glasshouses over 5,5 metres tall, larger glass surfaces and greater light penetration guarantee higher production potential.

Every grower has his own personal strategy. Some target vegetative growth, others prefer a generative crop management.


To obtain optimum benefit from the variety as well as the rootstock used, both must be well suited to each other.

The type of substrate also influences the choice of the rootstock. The plant will respond differently to a generative substrate compared with a vegetative substrate.

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