De Ruiter™ Rootstock Revolutionises the Vegetable Industry

As an industry leader, De Ruiter™ is dedicated to helping our growers deliver the best possible products to market with pride through our innovation and expertise. After noticing growers struggle to successfully grow crops year-round, De Ruiter revolutionised the industry by developing rootstock seed. Subsequent development in grafting techniques further enabled growers, and today, growers have the ability to graft plants onto plants grown from rootstock seed. This gives growers an additional tool to help them grow crops, no matter what the season, with improved crop health, yield potential, hardiness and disease resistance by grafting vegetable plants onto rootstock plants. 

We continue to build on our heritage in the rootstock market by pushing the boundaries to give our growers a competitive edge. Since De Ruiter introduced rootstock seed for tomatoes in 1963, we have gained extensive knowledge and experience that has allowed our products to be a leader in the market worldwide. Year after year, we work hard to increase plant quality and uniformity of our varieties to help make our rootstock seed an excellent choice for growers.

●      Maxifort is our standard rootstock seed variety. It has superior vigor and helps to ensure that tomato crops have the potential to consistently produce fruit with a higher weight, even under extreme conditions, and it has demonstrated its value in grower fields over and over again.

●      DR0141TX is an innovative rootstock seed variety that has the perfect combination of superior vigor and generativity, with the highest yield potential in De Ruiter’s rootstock seed portfolio and a long endurance. It has shown a 10% stronger vigor compared to our Maxifort variety rootstock seed and is a great choice for tomato growers operating in high temperatures with low humidity. This variety increases fruit weight, resulting in higher yield potential for the grower.    

To view all of our available rootstock seed varieties, visit our Rootstock Product page.

Today, rootstock seed breeder, Stine Petersen and her passionate team are devoted to creating new rootstock hybrids worldwide for growing environments ranging from high-tech glasshouses to unprotected open fields. Through internal knowledge and resource sharing, Peterson and her team are able to develop innovative solutions to various problems facing growers today and more efficiently commercialize rootstock seed varieties. Our commitment to rootstock extends beyond our research trials and labs. We often place our teams alongside customers in their operations so we can  teach them new techniques, like how to graft plants grown from rootstock seed and share our knowledge and expertise with them.    

With De Ruiter rootstock seed that has demonstrated reliability for decades, growers can feel confident they are working to give their crops a strong start. From glasshouse to open-field operations, whether growers need disease resistance or improved root structure, De Ruiter has innovative rootstock seed solutions for a variety of grower needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our rootstock seed offerings, visit our Rootstock Product page or reach out to your sales representative.

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