DR0141TX delivering ROI at Essex Growers

Essex Growers produce 12 ha of premium quality specialty tomatoes for the Tesco Finest range. Already pleased with the performance of Maxifort, following trials of new rootstock DR0141TX it was found to deliver an additional return on investment (ROI) in several generative specialty varieties.    

One of five Glinwell UK production sites – the nursery at Pecks Hill, Nazeing, near Waltham Abbey – is managed by Eduard Udyanskyy. With plenty of experience on Maxifort, three years ago he began trialing DR0141TX  in a bid to overcome some specific crop challenges.

Strength for the end of season
‘Some varieties are very generative and need help to maintain vigour to the end of the season,’ Eduard explains. ‘DR0141TX can help by maintaining foliage area and root establishment. Particularly important in warm conditions, this rootstock helps tomato plants maintain stamina and maximise overall yield.’

‘By using DR0141TX the crop is more powerful.’

New for 2017, the nursery is growing De Ruiter’s new baby plum on the vine Strabena (DR2890). ‘We’re looking to maximise yield by promoting good fruit set while maintain high quality,’ he explains.

‘By using DR0141TX the crop is more powerful.’

Uniform fruits
‘We also aim for consistent fruit size throughout the season – we want the first fruits to be the same size as those at the end of the season,’ explains Eduard. ‘We are committed to DR0141TX – it gives the extra vigour we need for this variety to optimise yield and fruit size delivering a return on investment.’

Essex Growers also produces another loose baby plum variety. ‘The crop can become very generative and overloaded with fruit,’ says Eduard.  ‘We’ve found DR0141TX delivers sufficient vigour through hot days to deliver an increase in overall yield.  Using this rootstock the crop carries on setting fruit and doesn’t become too generative.  The high leaf index helps generate better humidity levels in the crop encouraging better pollination. If pollen is too dry the bees stop pollinating and the yield drops.’

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