"It's choosing security"

Bastian and Romain De Vos, the Flavors of Chailly (Cailly-en-Bière, France)
• Area: 2.2 hectares
• Hydroponic cultivation
• Different type of varieties: large/medium truss and cherry tomatoes

Bastian de Vos: "Our top priority is maintaining fruit quality. Quality is critical, especially in summer and autumn. If the plant remains balanced and vigorous, the fruit quality will be better than if the plant is tired.

As soon as we enter the period of high temperatures, we need power. Maxifort meets this criteria and behaves very well during high temperatures in terms of setting and vigour.

Maxifort is a vigorous rootstock giving the plant endurance. With Maxifort’s help, the plant continues to produce premium quality fruit, even throughout autumn.

Why do we choose Maxifort? Long story short – Choosing Maxifort is choosing security!”

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