More production with DR0141TX

At De Ruiter, we see that newcomer DR0141TX is doing well in the market, especially in the segment of cherry plum and snack tomatoes. One of the companies that works with DR0141TX is Greenco. Greenco is an international grower and packer of the best snack vegetables sold under different brand names, including the brand Tommies. Managing partner René Zwinkels tells about his experiences with DR0141TX.

Increase around 3%

René: ‘We tried this rootstock for several years, at first in 2012 on one path. We established some extra production in the second half of the year and better setting in August compared to the reference variety. The following year we trialed a larger field of about one hectare. Our conclusions were the same as the year before. Due to the improvement in production by about 3%, we decided to graft everything on the new DRO141TX.’

René continues: ‘In August and September of that year, we encountered warm weather. That used to be a bit of a problem with the settling, but we did not see that on DR0141TX at all. The crop had sufficient strength to continue.’

Quality seems better

“The quality of the tomatoes also seemed to be somewhat better. I admit it is a bit of a guess, but I certainly had that impression. We always plant between Christmas and new years’ eve, and with DR0141TX the plant has enough stamina to do so.’

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