Pelleted seeds

Sowing seeds for rootstocks is very labour-intensive. In comparison to regular varieties, it takes twice as much time to sow rootstock seed even with the use of the most modern sowing machines.

The use of pelleted seeds can solve this problem. De Ruiter is therefore now offering an alternative in the form of pelleted seeds. These seed pellets germinate just as quickly and uniformly as naked seeds. The only difference is that their unique physical characteristics save a great deal of time when sowing.

What are the advantages of pelleted rootstock seeds?

  • The use of pelleted rootstock seeds saves growers a great deal of time and labour in comparison to unpelleted seeds. Sowing processes can now be completed just as quickly as for regular culture varieties.
  • Sowability is excellent: the pelleted seeds can be sown one by one.
  • No more double seeds on one plug.
  • The seed rolls to the middle of the plug.
  • Extensive testing has shown that germination is not negatively affected.

What you need to know about pelleted seeds

  • The size of the pellet is 3 to 5 mm.
  • The pelleted rootstock seeds are supplied in tins of 10,000 pellets.

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