Completo: De Ruiter’s new medium tomato, with perfect size, attractive fruits and high yield

Last year, Van Heijningen Tomato Nursery tried Completo, the new variety from De Ruiter in the medium segment. Due to Completo’s good results, they decided grown 7 hectares this year! In this interview, Remco, the Cultivation Manager explains why.

Ideal for packing
Remco Vijverberg: ‘We predominantly produce for ToPack, the packing company in which Van Heijningen is a partner. We supply Completo to ToPack as a loose tomato; this variety is jointless and crownless. Fruit uniformity is very important to ensure easy packing and Completo excels in this area. Completo's colour and consistent weight makes packaging very easy for us.’

Plant strength transferred into kilos
Remco continues: ‘Completo is a vegetative variety. The challenge is to convert that into generativity and production. To do so, we easily remove a leaf each week throughout the entire year. This works out quite well, because from what we have seen, we are translating that vegetative effect into more kilos per square metre.’

‘Completo is compact plant but longer than standard, and it is just about right lengthwise for our low glasshouse (Gutter 4.5m, Wire 3.9m). This means that harvesting takes a bit more time, but that is compensated by the high yield. In my estimation, this variety produces much more than our previous variety.’

The perfect fruit size
Remco adds: ‘Completo's average fruit weight is between 85 and 90 grams and the trusses can carry up to 10 fruits. We removed the last flowers of the 6 first and 6 last trusses; for all trusses in between, we keep everything at 10 fruits per truss. This way, we get consistent fruit size and achieve 30 trusses per plant.’

Positive reactions from the trade
Remco concludes: ‘Due to its strength, Completo gets through the summer in very good condition. Despite heat waves, we see no fruit softness issue. We harvest Completo at turning colour. The perfect size and very nice gloss has resulted in lots of positive feedback from the trade!’ 

Product specifications:


  • Perfect and uniform fruit shape and size (85-90g)
  • High yield potential compared to competitors
  • Jointless (only harvest without calyx) for loose harvest
  • Attractive truss presentation with glossy red fruit colour
  • Vigorous plant type
  • Relative compact plant type (slightly taller than standards)
  • Lit and year-round crop possibilities


  • Good and consistent fruit quality overall
  • Good yield per square metre
  • Easy to harvest and manage by growers and packers
  • More flexibility truss/loose harvest
  • Good stamina for long cropping
  • Suitable for relatively low glasshouse (with adequate heating)
  • 12 months supply to retail possible
  • Less fungicide treatments

HR  ToMV:0-2/ToTV/TSWV:0/Ff:A-E/Fol:0,1/For/Va:0/Vd:0
IR  On

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