Grower interview with Martin Sigg about Completo

Martin Sigg is a 3rd generation tomato grower in Pjelax, Finland. His company, Handelsträdgård Martin Sigg Ab, was founded in 1983. Finland is not the easiest area to grow tomatoes, but Martin manages to achieve excellent production with De Ruiter’s Completo on 9,300 square meters.

Martin explains: ‘In Finland, there is very little light during the winter. It is only possible to grow tomatoes in a lit crop. The lighting in our glasshouse is split; 6,300 square meters on a hybrid system consisting of HPS top lighting and LED interlighting and a further 3,000 square meters with 100% LED lights. Following successful trials over two years, we decided to grow Completo across the full 9,300 square meters. 

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