Almost 40 years with De Ruiter

Paul Houtmeyers of Paulanco is almost 40 years with De Ruiter.

Paul Houtmeyers is the owner of Paulanco BVBA from Sint-Katelijne-Waver (Belgium), near the auction. Paul has been a customer of De Ruiter for almost 40 years. He is currently growing our Bengal zucchini and tomatoes on rootstock DRO141TX.

Paul starts: "The market for vegetable cultivation in greenhouse horticulture has changed a lot here in recent years. Many companies in this region have no follow-up and disappear. I now see organizations emerging like the Dutch model: large companies with large CHP installations."

Loyal customer
With a relationship of almost 40 years, Paul is a loyal customer with a long history with De Ruiter. Paul: "I was the first in the region to start growing Merlice 10 years ago. At the time, Belorta was committed to supplying me and one fellow horticulturalist with seeds. "

First on DRO141TX
Paul was also one of the first growers to embrace rootstock DRO141TX. Paul: "My crop advisor had already seen many tests with this rootstock and immediately became the pioneer in promoting this rootstock in Belgium. I have been growing my tomatoes on DRO141TX for 7 years now and this rootstock has lived up to all expectations. I see a more power at the end of the crop and a production of at least 2 kilos more. So also, next season I choose DRO141TX for the year-round cultivation. We always plant in the first week of January, until the end of December. The greenhouse is only empty for 10 days to clean. "

Personal contact
Paul continues: "The collaboration with De Ruiter has always been pleasant, even if there was an occasional problem. The account managers have been visiting regularly for years, especially at the time when I just started growing Merlice. I really appreciate Merlice's weekly growing tips. Visiting the garden has become a lot more difficult in the past 3 years because of the tomato virus. Now, in Corona's time, visitors are of course almost impossible. "

Confidence in new varieties
"De Ruiter regularly introduces new varieties. I have always dared to step in, from a confidence in De Ruiter that I share with my crop advisor Paul Bayens. I have been growing on De Ruiter rootstocks for 25 years, which allowing me to achieve better results in cultivation. "

Paul concludes: "The collaboration with De Ruiter is excellent and I will choose DRO141TX again next season!"

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