Today's seeds are tomorrow's food

Today's seeds are tomorrow's food, and that gives De Ruiter, as a seed producer, a special responsibility.

Today's seeds are tomorrow's food, and that gives De Ruiter, as a seed producer, a special responsibility. Like everyone else, we are taking all possible measures to ensure your health and safety and that of our staff. We adhere to all the RIVM guidelines, which fortunately provide scope for organisations responsible for basic necessities such as food.

Where possible, all De Ruiter colleagues work from home. This applies to all functions unrelated to the production of seeds or work in our various (trials) glasshouses. Administrative and support staff work from home. Our Account Managers currently do not visit growers or plantraisers but establish contact in alternative/digital ways. Scheduled events will be converted to webinars and video conferencing wherever possible so that we can exchange our shared knowledge without actually meeting in person. The first experiences have been positive, with a high turnout and good-quality connections.

We continue to deliver seeds
We see it as our responsibility to continue the production and supply of seeds and do so in compliance with the RIVM guidelines. The customer service team also work from home as much as possible and can be contacted on the existing contact numbers. The team handles orders, answers questions, and ensures that seeds are delivered.

Order on time!
You can, therefore, count on the availability and delivery of seeds. We would like to advise you to order your seeds on time because the delivery time may be slightly longer, not only from our side but also from the companies providing logistics. Online ordering is increasing and couriers are working overtime. This means your order might be en-route slightly longer.

The De Ruiter Experience Center is closed
As you will undoubtedly understand, the De Ruiter Experience Center is closed to visitors during this period. We are looking for alternative ways to give you an idea of the development of the varieties. The first videos were made by John van der Knaap, and we are also working on a real-time connection that will allow a virtual visit.

We will keep you updated
De Ruiter complies with the instructions of the RIVM and our government. When new instructions are issued that affect your and our work, we will update you in the following newsletter and on our website. If you have any further questions, please contact us through the usual channels. Contact details can be found here.

On behalf of De Ruiter team,

Huib Koerts
Commercial Lead Business Unit De Ruiter