De Ruiter shares big THANK YOU

The De Ruiter team thanks all partners from the vegetable industry

Today's seeds are tomorrow's food, and that gives De Ruiter, as a seed producer, a special responsibility. A responsibility De Ruiter shares with all professionals from across the industry, specifically growers and plant raisers.
Continually developing new varieties
At De Ruiter, developing new vegetable varieties is at the core of the company. The market, including consumers, requires vegetables like cucumber and tomato that match its demands on taste, shelf life, and of course, resistances to current harvest threats. By continually improving varieties, De Ruiter contributes to the world-wide food supply – now and in the future.

The De Ruiter team thanks you!

Huib Koerts (De Ruiter Commercial Lead): “Growers are important partners for us, especially when it comes to trials of new varieties. Together, we have found new, digital and safe ways of interaction, so we can share our results and continue to develop the best varieties. We fully appreciate the efforts growers are making and thank them for their contribution to a healthy and productive future.”
“The creativity the vegetable industry has shown in connecting to all partners in the chain is unparalleled. At De Ruiter, we have a deep respect for the versatility of growers, plant raisers, advisors, and other professionals for the way they are interacting with us and all sections of the industry.”
Huib continues: “De Ruiter would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all hard-working vegetable professionals and commend those who are staying strong during these difficult times. With this video, all De Ruiter colleagues from the EMEA area say: thank you, keep up the great work, stay safe, and stay healthy!”