Planting for next season

Last week, De Ruiter’s team rolled up their sleeves. The entire team - from sales to market development and even management - went to work hard in the De Ruiter Experience Center to provide new plants for it coming growing season.

De Ruiter plants in two phases, starting with the lit glasshouse. No less than 5,000 plants from nearly 200 tomato varieties have already been planted. On December 19th, the conventional year-round crop will be planted. 

In 2019, visitors can look forward to observing more than 300 different varieties at the De Ruiter Experience Center!

Market, Garden, and Experience
The De Ruiter Experience Center is a multi-purpose facility. It consists of two De Ruiter Gardens, both conventional and lit crops. Guests can also visit the De Ruiter Market, where varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are displayed, demonstrating shelf life and enabling comparison to be made between varieties. The Experience Hall provides visitors with the chance to learn about De Ruiter’s history and production techniques. The center also boasts a range of meeting rooms, varying in size, suitable for hosting workshops, meetings and discussions.

Come and visit De Ruiter
Are you interested in attending the De Ruiter Experience Center? Feel free to contact your De Ruiter account manager for a tour. Or make an appointment now via our form.