Ramiro®.....what else?

Sometimes original product names are synonymous to a segment name, for example Nespresso. That also happened to Ramiro, the long sweet pointed pepper from De Ruiter, which is experiencing a new lease of life after twenty successful years. Ramiro was the segment name, although the official segment name is Dulce Italiano type. "But," states Marja Vijverberg (Communication / Marketing Manager DOOR), "There is only one real Ramiro!"

Ramiro will soon celebrate its twentieth anniversary and continues to be successful. In 1996 this variety started out with a trial of ten plants, now in 2015 the area of Ramiro covers more than twenty five acres in Northwest Europe.

Inspiring peppers

Pepper is in the top ten most healthy vegetables, as is evidenced by a Dutch newspaper in an article of January 7th 2015. Within the pepper family, Ramiro stands out, with a very high content of vitamin C and Folic acid but also vitamins A and E. This variety proves that healthy and delicious go well together.

Ramiro ambassadors

Ramiro has a very active growers organization: SweetPoint. They provide year round cultivation in the Netherlands and Spain. SweetPoint's website | www.sweetpoint.nl is worth visiting. The website tells all about sweet peppers, cultivation, trends and innovations. There is also room for some tasty recipes. You can also follow SweetPoint social media: Twitter with @sweetpoint04 or via Facebook

Year-round availability
Trade and retail appreciate Ramiro especially for its year round availability. The product is cultivated by SweetPoint all year and is therefore available year-round to consumers. The sales and marketing of Ramiro, cultivated by growers of SweetPoint, is handled by DOOR Partners BV. This sales organization is part of cooperative DOOR U.A.

Ramiro...... Inspiring peppers!

DOOR opens doors

DOOR Partners represents different product groups in Northwest Europe. Early this year, DOOR opened doors for Ramiro, not only as only a specialist in growing, but also in the marketing of this variety. DOOR Partners is thus in Europe's largest marketing and sales organization. See also: www.doorpartners.nl

Glinwell Marketing
UK based Ramiro partner, Glinwell Marketing have also worked with Ramiro throughout its lifetime and supply year round from their locations in the UK and Spain. Please visit their website at www.glinwellplc.com.