Diversity and Innovation

We offer tomatoes with intermediate resistance* to powdery mildew in nearly every segment. Browse our portfolio of tomatoes, with a wide range of colors, shapes and tastes.

*Intermediate resistance: The capacity of a plant variety to limit the growth and development of the specific pest infestation or disease. A variety with intermediate resistance may show more symptoms than varieties with high resistance. Varieties with intermediate resistance show less serious symptoms or less damage than vulnerable varieties if they are grown under the same conditions and/or with the same infection pressure for a disease or pest infestation.

The De Ruiter portfolio is a great place to be at the moment. It's really exciting in terms of what we're looking to bring through the pipeline in the next few months and years that will impact the grower, and even influence the consumer. We've made a very conscious decision to support our growers and the industry in terms of a focus on flavor and to bring through really great tasting tomatoes.'
Anne Williams
Global Product Manager Tomato


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